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Cigar humidor in precious black wood and 18k gold

Cigar humidor in precious black wood and 18k gold

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Cigar Humidor - Luxury cigar storage box made of Spanish cedar wood and 18K gold, cedar wood is one of the most suitable materials for storing cigars. Piano paint design, corrosion resistance, anti-wear and more beautiful. The bottom has velvet fabric, non-slip design, protects the humidor in many ways.

High Quality Golden Hinge

Gold hinge looks more high-end luxury, made in 18k gold, not easy to rust. Tighten the top and bottom lids of the humidor tightly without making noise. The interior of the humidor is completely isolated from the outside world.

Double Hygrometer

ncludes two hygrometers, an embedded hygrometer and digital hygrometer. If there has error in the data of two hygrometers, the digital hygrometer shall prevail.

Large Capacity Drawer

The interior is wrapped in velvet to prevent damage or scratches to the cedar wood drawers. The drawer can store cigar cutters and cigar lighters, or other cigar accessories.

Lock & Key

Made of high-quality gold-plated, not easy to rust, always keep shiny! Locking method: Turn left to lock, turn right to unlock.

Cigar Humidifier

The built-in cigar humidifier allows the cigar to maintain humidity and freshness by adding humidor solution. After filling up, wipe off the excess water, it can play its role to firmly lock the water.

Scratch-Resistant Velvet Cloth

The bottom of the cigar box has a scratch-resistant velvet cloth. Since the bottom plate is relatively fragile, in order to prevent scratching the bottom and affecting the appearance, we choose to use velvet cloth to fill the bottom. At the same time, velvet can prevent the cigar storage box from slipping from the table to the ground.


Material: Cedar Wood

Color: Black + Gold 18K

Dimension: 40 x 25.2 x 23.5cm/15.74 x 9.92 x 9.25in

Capacity: About 100 Cigars(depend on ring gauge of cigars)

Box Weight: 5.5kg/12.12lb/194oz

Surface Treatment: Piano Paint Design

Bottom Treatment: Black Velvet


  • 1 x Cigar Humidor Box
  • 1 x Removable Tray
  • 1 x Cigar Humidifier
  • 1 x Drawer
  • 2 x Key
  • 2 x Removeable Division Bar
  • 2 x Cigar Hygrometer
  • 2 x Double-Side Foam Tape
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